LIFE19 NAT/BG/000804 – Conservation of Pomorie Lake coastal lagoon


High density of Lestes macrostigma hunting at dusk in a nearby reedbed © P. Lambret

Pomorie Lake is part of the most important wetland complex along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The project targets the conservation of the priority habitat 1150* “Coastal lagoons” and some birds listed in the EU Birds Directive (Avocet, Sandwich tern, Common and Little tern). It also takes into account the conservation of the Dark Spreadwing (Lestes macrostigma), a threatened dragonfly.

Recently, water management facilities were destroyed, causing a decrease in lagoon salinity and a shift in bird species composition. The low salt production and the infrastructure damages resulted in limited opportunities for investments in maintenance activities. The unfavourable economic situation increases the risk of withdrawal of private interests and future investments from salt-production companies.

The project aims at improving status of 1150* Coastal lagoon habitat, restoring habitat quality for birds, and maintaining peripheral habitat condition to sustain a dragonfly assemblage of conservation value.

Actions and methodology

  • Establish a functional infrastructure for water management in Pomorie Lake by repairing two bypass channels and protective dykes in order to secure the lagoon against fresh water flood and pollution, and to sustain traditional salt production.
  • Improve the breeding sites for priority bird species by constructing a new wooden platform and the restoring an existing islet.
  • Study dragonfly assemblages and develop a monitoring scheme for the priority species Lestes macrostigma.
  • Conduct a socio-economic survey to determine the stakes and implications of the restoration project on local people.
  • Identify the ecosystem services of the area to better understand the benefits of the restoration project for local people.
  • Promote the project results among the stakeholders and the wide public through communication campaigns.



Technical partners

  • Green Balkans
  • Bulgarian Biodiversity foundation
  • Pomorie Salinas JSC

Financial partners

  • Union européenne (LIFE)