François Bourlière Library and Resource Centre


The Tour du Valat Resource Centre has existed since 1954. It was initially created with documents from the personal library of Luc Hoffmann, who founded the Tour du Valat.

It is dedicated to François Bourlière (1913-1993), a pioneer in nature conservation and ecology, who was strongly committed to Luc Hoffmann and the Tour du Valat.

This document base initially focused essentially on ornithology, but it has progressively expanded as our research has broadened to include works on ethology, ecology, and more specifically the knowledge and sustainable management of Mediterranean wetlands.

Today, it includes over 11,500 books and theses, 490 different periodicals (with 60 current subscriptions), and 24, 000 articles, information brochures, and reports.

The Resource Centre is open to everyone, generally from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 1.00 to 5.30. If you are planning a visit, you should contact us to be sure that it will be open.

The Resource Centre has computers with an Internet connection, access to all documents, and there is a documentalist to assist visitors.

Opened in October 2016, our new online document portal allows you to:




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