Adaptive management of wetlands


This project has multiple objectives:

  • Testing and validating management methodologies and approaches on pilot sites in the Camargue and elsewhere in the Mediterranean Basin;
  • Implementing management plans on the Tour du Valat’s properties and the Camargue Saltworks Lagoons and Marshes site;
  • Informing natural area managers and promoting sustainable, integrated and/or adaptive approaches to management and exploitation methods (e.g. hunting, livestock farming, and agricultural production) that contribute to the conservation of wetlands;
  • Creating tools to transfer the methodologies developed and tested.

Actions & methodology

In the aim of conserving biodiversity and improving the management of wetlands, we have tested management methodologies and approaches at various sites in the Camargue and elsewhere in the Mediterranean Basin.

We have continued to create methodology transfer tools using and disseminating Open Standards for the protection of nature and conservation of biodiversity in France and around the Mediterranean Basin. The project’s target sites are the Tour du Valat Estate, the Petit Saint Jean Estate, Le Verdier Marshes, the Camargue Saltworks Lagoons and Marshes, and the Gediz Delta. We have contributed to developing ecological assessments and management plans for wetlands, especially in partnership with the Conservatoire du littoral (French national coastal conservation agency).




Technical partners

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