WetNet: coordinated management and networking of Mediterranean wetlandsnes


The Interreg Mediterranean project tackles the question of setting up multi-level governance for wetlands. By defining shared priorities for the conservation of wetlands, the aim of WetNet is to develop a common territorial strategy for their integrated management (see the project’s website).

Drawing inspiration from previous European Union experiences (for example river contracts), WetNet seeks to test and transfer “wetland contracts” by means of highly broad-based participative processes where users, and private and public bodies commit to integrating the conservation of wetlands into their everyday activities.

Actions and methodology

  • Develop wetland contracts in seven pilot sites including the Verdier marshes;
  • Create methodological tools;
  • Set up a summer school in Venice for June 2018 to provide participative training for managers of Mediterranean wetlands to improve their governance.




Technical partners

Financial partners