Project title

Preservation of the montilles of Camargue – Mediterranean dry grasslands

Project description

The project consists of implementing the management strategies provided for in the RNR’s 2016-2020 management plan, namely to implement mechanical controls via the acquisition of a caterpillar mini-excavator and thus to limit the invasion of the lawns by the Narrow-leaved Filaria (Phyllirea angustifolia).

The shrubs will be removed with a mechanical shovel and open stretches of lawns will be restored and preserved, favoring all the targeted species present on the site and occupying these environments: Ocellated lizard, Pelobates cultripes, European pond turtle, etc.


Mediterranean dry grasslands are a relict habitat that has become rare in the Camargue as a result of the artificialization and damming of the delta. In the Tour du Valat RNR, there are still stretches of grassland, but these are threatened by the colonization of narrow-leaved filariae, which close off these environments, as a result of several factors: variations in grazing pressure, a drastic decrease in wild rabbit populations, and the evolution and stabilization of the environments. This habitat is a priority under the Habitat Fauna Flora Directive (habitat 6220).


Keep existing lawns open by clearing out shrubs that are being established.

Reopen areas of grassland now closed by the establishment of Narrow-leaved Filaria.

Expected results

Maintenance of large areas of functional grasslands and sheltering the biodiversity characteristic of these relict Camargue environments.

Achievement of one of the objectives of the management plan of the site: by 2025, the lawns, rushes and sansouïres represent more than 60% (1530ha) of the Domain, are functional and in good state of conservation.


  • Project leader : Damien Cohez (e-mail), Manager of the Regional Nature Reserve & Deputy to the Director of the Estate
  • Start of the project : 2021