Conservation of Marble Trout in the upper basin of the Soča (Slovenia)


Juvenile marble trout (Salmo marmoratus) © F.Le Borne


This project was initiated in 1993 when the Slovenian researcher Meta Povz alerted Alain Crivelli at the Tour du Valat about the imminent extinction of the Marble Trout (Salmo marmoratus) in the Soča basin, in Slovenia. At that time, the Marble Trout, an endemic species of the Adriatic basin, was threatened by the massive introduction of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) with which it could hybridize. In 1996, a conservation plan was set up by the Tour du Valat to save the Marble Trout and preserve its upstream habitats, which were still almost untouched by human activities. The monitoring conducted with the Tolmin fishing association since 1996, has enabled us to better understand the population dynamics of this species vis-à-vis two species of exotic trout, the Brown Trout and the Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), and extreme events such as floods, landslides, and periods of drought.

Actions and methodology

  • 1993 – 1996: Eight populations of genetically pure Marble Trout were identified at the head of the basin. They had been naturally isolated by waterfalls that were impassable for the hybrid trout downstream.
  • 1996: the conservation plan was launched, and the duplication of the genetically pure Marble Trout was started. The first two new populations were created, and the first capture-mark-recapture (CMR) monitoring programme was set up.
  • Since the 2000s, more than 20 populations have been monitored in line with specific objectives. Today, 17 sites are being monitored annually or bi-annually.
  • 1999 – 2014: An in-situ study was conducted on the hybridization of the Brown Trout and the Marble Trout at three sites.
  • 2004 – today: One population of naturalised Brown Trout has been monitored (CMR) to characterise its life traits and population dynamics at one site.
  • 2008 – today: All genetically pure populations have been monitored (CMR), particularly their population dynamics, morphological and genetic variations, and family ties between successive generations to better understand the processes of adapting to flood-related phenomena (nine sites).
  • 2008 – today: Populations of Rainbow Trout have been monitored that are naturalised or sympatric (with Marble Trout or hybrids), in order to characterise their ecology and study the competition between the different species (five sites).
  • 2008 – today: The recolonization dynamics of the Rainbow Trout has been studied following a landslide in 2011 (three sites).
  • 2013 – 2017: The diet of allopatric and sympatric Marble Trout was studied with an estimation of cannibalism (eight sites).


Technical partners


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