Monitoring passerines in the Camargue


Our ringing programme is part of the French Bird Population Biology Research Center’s (CRBPO) SEJOUR programme. Its aim is to first characterise migratory stop strategies of passerines that are common in France, and then quantify them in the long term. Between periods of flight, migratory birds must stop to rest and/or reconstitute their energy reserves (fat) to be able to continue along their migratory path. Knowledge of the variations in migratory stop strategies among different individuals, species, years, and sites is useful for our scientific understanding of the process as well as for species conservation.

In addition, it allows us to train one or several people every year in methods for capturing and ringing passerines.

Actions and methodology

222 meters of horizontal netting are installed every autumn in reed beds and in bushy habitats on the Tour du Valat estate. The capture and ringing operations are conducted in the morning from September to late October or early November.


1700 birds were captured and ringed in 2016.


Technical partners