Over its sixty years of history and activities, the Tour du Valat Foundation has welcomed and worked with a great many people – employees, trainees, supporters, donors, partners from the public and private sectors – linked by professional and/or friendly ties and by the sense of the Tour du Valat’s work.

Many of the men and women who make up the Tour du Valat have spread throughout the world. Some hold eminent positions in organisations dedicated to research and nature conservation. Others have changed direction or stopped working, but all have retained a strong attachment to the Tour du Valat.

The Friends of the Tour du Valat association was set up on the occasion of the Tour du Valat’s 60th anniversary. For 7 years (2014-2021), it has brought together and led the network of individuals and legal entities who share the values and philosophy of the Tour du Valat Foundation, while working to make it more open to the general public.

On the strength of the association’s experience and the activities proposed in recent years, the Tour du Valat intends to continue this dynamic and offer you events that are meaningful to you: nature workcamps, conferences, events for the general public, festive occasions, and become ambassadors for wetlands.


How to get involved:


Staying informed

  • You can sign up to receive the Tour du Valat’s quarterly wetlands newsletter, which brings together the latest news and initiatives from the research institute. In addition, each quarter a thematic dossier is developed with an interview with a partner. To subscribe to the newsletter, go to this page.

Participate in scientific and management activities

  • If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and want to support us ‘actively’, take part in scientific and management activities. Collective work and monitoring can take place on our estate at Le Sambuc (pulling out wireworms, etc.), on our estate at Le Petit Saint-Jean (harvesting, planting, weeding, trellising, pruning, etc.) or at other sites in the Camargue (fish monitoring, etc.). To subscrire, fill this form: