Why support our activities?

Because the values of the Tour du Valat are dear to you and you appreciate the quality and independence of its work. You can act in the long run and give your support in many different ways:

All the activities of the Tour du Valat are managed by a Foundation recognised as being of public interest since 1978. The Tour du Valat Foundation is therefore able to receive contributions, donations or bequests.

66% of your contribution is tax deductible, up to 20% of your taxable income (if you are a French taxpayer).

Independent of any tutelage, the Tour du Valat has been able to develop a number of long term monitoring programs in order to discover the secrets of migratory birds, explore the relationships between living organisms, decipher the workings of wetlands, understand the reasons for their exceptional productivity and analyse the relationships that humans have with this habitat. Hundreds of thousands of data have been collected throughout these decades, following the same scientific protocol and forming an invaluable capital, a unique database, with an exceptional analysis capacity.

The Tour du Valat is one of the rare scientific organisations in the world to have such extensive and robust data over such long periods of time. This data provides the tools necessary to better understand the evolution of species in the face of various pressures linked to climate change, and for modelling their trajectory according to the management measures that could be implemented.