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The Tour du Valat is a research institute for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands. Founded in 1954 by Dr Luc Hoffmann and based in the Camargue, this private non-profit foundation is at the cutting edge of multidisciplinary fields of research, building bridges between science, management and public policies. The main objective for the Tour du Valat is to change the behavior and decisions made by governments and the wider society in the Mediterranean basin to achieve that wetlands are conserved and sustainably managed towards the future.

The Tour du Valat has internationally recognized scientific expertise, and provides practical responses to problems regarding the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources. The Tour du Valat’s projects are carried out in the Camargue and around the Mediterranean basin.

The Tour du Valat employs 80 people, including 15 researchers and as many project leaders and about 8 Ph.D. or other students.

Its governance is made up of a Board of Directors and a Science Council, to guarantee the Tour du Valat’s mission: “Mediterranean wetlands are preserved, restored and enhanced by a community of stakeholders mobilised in the service of biodiversity and human societies”.

The Tour du Valat is recruiting a Programme Director to manage and coordinate the various activities (research, management, technical transfer, and advocacy).

The Tour du Valat Programme Director is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the logic of action and consistency of the programme as well as the synergy between the programme’s research, management, technical transfer, and advocacy activities
  • Ensuring that the research carried out is relevant to the management and protection of wetland species and habitats
  • Stimulating high quality scientific output, in accordance with the TdV’s strategic orientations
  • Implementing a programme in line with the Tour du Valat’s strategy and its financial resources and that furthers its mission
  • Ensuring, through the coordination of his/her team, the development and implementation of the various aspects of the programme
  • Stimulating and encouraging the creativity and the production of the teams by guiding them in their mission
  • Taking into account how the environment changes by conducting technical and institutional monitoring at the Mediterranean scale
  • Representing the Tour du Valat, in particular with scientific and technical partners and thus participating in the development of its reputation and credibility
  • Advising the Director General and the President
  • Supervising fundraising efforts led by his/her staff and being pro-active in the search for external funding
  • Ensuring optimal management of his/her budgets
  • Implementing research and conservation projects in his/her area of specialisation, with the potential help of qualified personnel (PhD students, trainees, etc.)
  • Making strategic decisions
  • Leading the programme team
  • Participating in recruiting employees

The candidate must have the following experience:

  • An in-depth understanding of the environmental challenges, geopolitical context, and political dynamics in the Mediterranean Basin, as well as good knowledge of the problems related to wetland conservation
  • At least 10 years of experience in applied conservation research, preferably on wetlands
  • At least 5 years of experience as a team coordinator
  • A PhD or equivalent qualification in ecology or another discipline related to the Tour du Valat’s core expertise

The candidate must have the following skills:

  • Strong leadership skills in order to motivate co-workers, partners, and stakeholders towards common goals
  • Strong analytical and synthesis skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Proven ability to obtain funding
  • Genuine interest in the institutional and cultural context of the Mediterranean
  • Proven interest in applied research and conservation
  • Proven interest / expertise as a naturalist
  • Perfect oral and written fluency in French and English. Fluency in other Mediterranean languages would be a plus
  • Strong organisational skills

The Programme Director is under the authority of the Director General, to whom he/she shall report.

Open-ended contract after a trial period. The programme management position is assigned for the period of a programme (5 years), which can be renewed. During this period, the post-holder will be granted a direction bonus. This position may change every 5 years.  In this case, the person who has held this position will be given another position, by agreement between the parties, for the following five-year period.

Remuneration: €45 000-50 000 gross annual salary according to experience (CCNA collective agreement) + €1200/month direction bonus

Workplace: Tour du Valat, Camargue, France, with frequent international trips, especially in the Mediterranean Basin.

Starting date: January, 2021.

How to apply:

Send your application to Florence Daubigney (e-mail) (ref: TdV-2020-DirProg)  before October 30, 2020, with:

  • A cover letter
  • A CV
  • A proposal for an action plan (two-page maximum) on how you intend to contribute to the action of the Tour du Valat by identifying the essential actions to be prioritised
  • The names and contact details (with e-mail addresses and phone number) of three references, including a recent employer

Short-listed candidates will be called for an interview. A short presentation on their research and programme proposal will be made to the selection committee. Travel expenses will be reimbursed upon request.

Iy you have any questions about the application proccess, please contact Florence Daubigney (e-mail).



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