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Olivier Boutron

Departement: Ecosystems

Position at the Tour du Valat: Hydrology/Hydraulics Scientist

Contact info: e-mail [1] | +33 (0)4 90 97 63 73

Personal page: Research Gate profile [2]

Joined our team: June 2010

Research interests and expertise

My research focuses on the functioning of Mediterranean lagoon hydrosystems in terms of water, salt, and temperature dynamics. I also study the catchment basins and coastal strips linked to these lagoons. Their functioning is characterised by setting up a network for making continuous measurements, and also by developing 2D and 3D hydrodynamic models.

The models I develop make it possible to test out the influence of different methods of water management (manipulations of hydraulic infrastructure and hydraulic works) on the hydrological, thermal, and saline regimes of the study sites. They are used to define the conservation, restoration, and management actions to be implemented on the sites. The midterm objective is to be able to use them to provide indications about the consequences of climate change on this functioning.

Another aspect of my research is characterising the influence of hydrology on the dynamics of the pathogenic agents, such as the avian flu virus, present in the water, a project carried out in collaboration with the Tour du Valat’s Species Department and its research on health ecology.

Current & past projects carried out at The Tour du Valat

Hydrological System Modelling [3]Adaptive Management of the Lagoons and Marshes on the former Camargue Saltworks site [4]
Study of the links between hydrology and pathogenic agents [5]Population dynamics of liver fluke in the Camargue [6]



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