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Marion Vittecoq

Départment: Species

Contact details: e-mail [1] | +33 (0)4 90 97 29 54

Personal page [2]

Joined our team: April 2014


Research interests and expertise

I study the dynamics of pathogenic agents at the interface of wildlife, livestock and poultry farms, and human populations. I earned my PhD in evolutionary biology in 2012 based on a three-year study on emerging diseases in Mediterranean wetlands in times of global change. I am currently developing a research project on the antibiotic resistant bacteria carried by wildlife. I am also currently studying the dynamics of fasciolosis in the Camargue, as well as trends in avian flu viruses in wetland networks. I also participate in many other projects, including a study on bird ticks, another one on different kinds of cancer in natural ecosystems, and one on monitoring toxoplasmosis.

See Marion Vittecoq’s CV [3]

Current and past projects at the Tour du Valat

Antibiotic resistance in wildlife [4] Population dynamics of liver flukes in the Camargue [5]
Study of the links between hydrology and pathogenic agents [6]


An animation (in French) by my PhD student Émeline Sabourin, on the Great liver fluke cycle.


Find below the most recent publications of Marion Vittecoq, or see the full list [7] on the Tour du Valat’s documentary web portal::