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Nouvel article – Perception of climate change and mitigation strategies in two European Mediterranean deltas

Cet article a été publié par la revue AIMS Geosciences en décembre 2020, et traite de la perception du changement climatique.

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Résumé : Acceptance of mitigation and adaptation strategies is related more to the perceived levels of threats as opposed to real risks. Understanding public perception of climate change is crucial for the implementation of appropriate and effective actions. This study analyzed the perceptions of climate and global changes in two European Mediterranean deltas in order to determine the similarities and differences at a regional scale and to apprehend potential adaptation and mitigation strategies necessary for the future. A total of 395 participants responded to a questionnaire through person to person interviews. Survey analysis was conducted through a multi-method approach using standard descriptive statistics and qualitative data analysis. The majority of participants in both deltas expressed that climate change was a serious problem and that human activity was a contributing factor. Despite the recognition of the importance of climate change, little action was being taken to adapt or mitigate these changes. Our results suggest that a site specific approach using confirmed information sources with adapted communication techniques is necessary to be more effective and to spur changes in practice at a local scale.

Référence bibliographique : Lisa Ernoul [2], Stella Vareltzidou, Mathilde Charpentier, Camille Muryanyi-Kovacs. Perception of climate change and mitigation strategies in two European Mediterranean deltas[J]. AIMS Geosciences, 2020, 6(4): 561-576. doi: 10.3934/geosci.2020032 [3]