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Fundraising Consultant to two Mediterranean Wetlands partnerships


The MAVA Foundation supports conservation that benefits people and nature through Programmes and Outcome Action Plans (OAPs). In the Mediterranean, partners from the OAPs M1-M2 Partnership – Ensuring integrated management of river basins and M3 – Enhancing the conservation of coastal wetlands are joining efforts to secure funding to enable partners to continue their work after 2022 when the MAVA Foundation will cease all grant making.

Purpose of the role

We are seeking to hire a fundraising consultant to help us shape a Fundraising Strategy and boost the fundraising capacity of our Partnerships. The Fundraiser will have responsibility for identifying potential fundraising sources, articulating the case for support based on the Partnership’s experience and its portfolio of projects, and strengthening partners appeal and relationships with relevant donors. The goal of the fundraiser is to develop and articulate short- and long-term fundraising plans that the partnership will implement.
The role will focus on building an effective pipeline of proposals focused on integrated river management and coastal wetlands in the target region with a clear strategy as how to access key prospects. The work will include the following: developing a fundraising strategy, identify funding opportunities, facilitate donor engagement and assist in developing overarching and project specific fundraising materials.

Services Required


Abilities required

Expected milestones/deliverables and timings

The consultant will conduct a desk-based assessment work and is expected to make deliverables as follows:

Working relations

The consultant will be working closely with the coordinators of the OAPs M1/M2 and M3, Teresa Zuna and Lorena Segura and partners organisations of the partnerships.
Outside the Partnerships: government agencies, international organizations, companies, wetland experts, donors, NGOs, and the extended network of partners.

Submission of proposals

Candidates should send the technical & financial (in EURO) proposals, including the following documents:

  1. Detailed Curriculum Vitae of Expert(s) involved including examples of similar work done before;
  2. Proposal for implementing the assignment including detailed costing by deliverable;
  3. Financial offer to work during 35 days with a daily rate.

Tenders must be submitted in electronic form to the following address:

[email protected] [1] and [email protected] [2] with the subject “Fundraiser Wetland Partnerships”. Proposals arriving after the date and time set out in these consultations will not be accepted. Your proposal must be received no later than 17:00 (CET) on the 5 July 2021.

Successful as well as unsuccessful bidders will be informed by e-mail as soon as possible after the submission date.

Contact persons

Lorena Segura
Tour du Valat
[email protected] [3]

Teresa Zuna
Wetlands International European Association
[email protected] [4]