Adopt a Flamingo

Why adopt a Flamingo?

By adopting a greater flamingo, you not only help the whole species but also the wetlands that they love so much! The Tour du Valat and a network of observers across the Mediterranean will be able to continue their efforts to safeguard this emblematic species.

Your contribution will directly support our study and protection of the greater flamingo by enabling us to purchase the equipment required for birdwatchers in North and West Africa, and the Middle East.

Reading the rings on flamingos’ legs is a difficult task, and mistakes are sometimes made due to the poor quality of the equipment. For example, binoculars can only be used to read a ring if a Flamingo is less than 50 metres away, which is rarely the case, whereas with a telescope the sighting and reading can be done at a distance of 300 meters.


Greater Flamingo


How much does it cost?

Two options are now available for the flamingo sponsorship. You can either sponsor our mascot “Mistral” (an individual shared by every person who subscribes to the 25 € option) or sponsor one or more individuals (flamingos assigned individually to each person who subscribes to the € 50 option, per flamingo and per year)

These two offers benefit from a tax deduction* of 66% of the amount of your sponsorship within the limit of your 20% of your net taxable income (article 200 of the CGI). * These tax benefits are offered to French taxpayers.






  • SPONSOR OUR MASCOT “MISTRAL” for € 25, ie € 8.5 after tax deduction

You sponsor for one year “Mistral”, a male born and ringed in the Camargue in 1997, bearer of the ring CZVT and having traveled more than 13 000 kms. You can follow him thanks to the alerts sent by e-mail and by electronic newsletter.

The benefits:

– An e-mail alert every time the mascot is observed;

– The “Greater Flamingo Gazette”, the e-newsletter of Flamingo sponsorship (4 / year);

– A species information sheet (by e-mail);


  • A PERSONALIZED SPONSORSHIP, at € 50, ie € 17 after tax deduction.

You can, if you wish, choose the sex and the year of birth of your flamingo and will be informed of its movements for a year each time a new observation has been transmitted to us.

The benefits:

– An e-mail alert every time the mascot is observed;

– The “Greater Flamingo Gazette”, the e-newsletter of Flamingo sponsorship (4 / year);

– The “Science & Management” brochure on the Camargue Flamingo published by Tour du Valat (by post);

– A species information sheet (by e-mail);

Key figures

  • Over 800,000 rings read in 40 years (the record was 44,000 in 2009), by 5,900 different people.
  • Over 70,000 greater flamingo ringed since 1977 (more than 27,000 in the Camargue);
  • Price of a telescope: €1,500

How can I adopt a Flamingo?

To personally sponsor one or more flamingos and / or offer sponsorships to one or more of your loved ones, it is possible to subscribe to one of the two offers separately or simultaneously.

To do this please fill in the form below

You can also contact us : e-mail.