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Hosted partner organisations

The Tour du Valat hosts five partner organisations on its site:

Caribaea Initiative

The aim of the Caribaea Initiative Association is to contribute to the development of research and higher education on biodiversity and wildlife management in the Caribbean region. Founded in October 2014, the association aims to develop scientific expertise on wildlife biodiversity in the Caribbean and to train the local experts of tomorrow in this field, in particular by providing grants for Master’s and PhD students.

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French Office for Biodiversity (OFB)

The French Office for Biodiversity is a public agency with 2800 employees, which aims to protect and restore biodiversity in France and its overseas territories. The OFB offices at the Tour du Valat host two units of the Directorate of Research and Expertise, one dedicated to small sedentary fauna and the other to migratory avifauna. Their mission is to provide knowledge, research and expertise on species, environments and their uses.

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Takh Association

Through the safeguard and study of Przewalski’s horse as a flagship subspecies, the TAKH Association is leading a pilot conservation project, which combines steppe and wetland restoration, as well as the protection of endangered species and the promotion of sustainable development at the Khomyn Tal site in Mongolia.

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MedWet Secretariat

26 countries from the Mediterranean Basin and Palestine belong to the MedWet Initiative for Mediterranean wetlands. Its aim is to encourage its members to implement the Ramsar Convention in the Mediterranean region. MedWet has been encouraging partnerships for the conservation and wise use of wetlands since 1992. In 2014, the French government, with support from the MAVA Foundation and the Rhone-Mediterranean and Corsica Water Agency, invited the MedWet Secretariat to relocate to the Tour du Valat, where it now works in close collaboration with the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory.

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