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Eco-responsibility at the Tour du Valat

Testing and implementing the solutions of the future for a sustainable world, developing concrete, operational responses that are appropriate to the Mediterranean context, and disseminating them effectively at the Tour du Valat and beyond. These are the guiding principles behind the Tour du Valat’s eco-responsible approach, which is being developed in several areas:

Today, eco-responsibility at the Tour du Valat means that:







Production and consumption

Finally, several times a year, the Tour du Valat works council organises bulk purchases of cleaning products, Camargue rice, olive oil, and citrus fruit, which are all organic.

The Tour du Valat’s eco-responsible approach is set to improve continuously and progressively for the points mentioned above and in new areas. It is already the subject of fruitful discussion with our employees, who are often both those who make the requests and the first people concerned by their implementation.