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Lundi 9 juin à 11h ESRA KARTAL (Doga Dernegi Kemankeg Mahallesi Akçe Sk. No:14 Karaköy Istanbul Turkey) présentera à la Tour du Valat un séminaire intitulé “LIVING NATURE AND TOURISM PROJECT IN THE GEDIZ DELTA”

Doga Dernegi, Seyrek Municipality, Sasali Municipality and Ege Dogal Yasami Koruma Dernegi has carried out a project between December 2006 and February 2008 in collaboration with 10 different organizations from Izmir. Financially supported by the European Union, this project aimed at the conservation of biodiversity, ecological functioning, and landscape values of Gediz Delta Ramsar Site as well as canalization of economical incomes provided by natural land resources towards sustainable development of local communities.

As a result of this project, a sustainable tourism development plan and marketing strategy is prepared. Pilot applications of the marketing strategy were carried out in Seyrek and Sasali towns to strengthen the roles of housewives and unemployed young people towards sustainable development of Gediz Delta. As an example of the economical input of the project, a total of 134 persons participated in computer and handicraft courses and started making gifts with motives from the Delta. Renovation, restoration and modernisation activities were carried out in Sasali town where the colours of the Delta were reflected on the buildings. Furthermore, informative trips on the nature and the culture of the delta were organized for tourist guides and media from Izmir and the surrounding region. Even if the project has been finalized, collaborations between organizations and local people are still ongoing.