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Séminaire sur : "Collaboration and Integration : Working across disciplines and boundaries".

Exceptionnellement jeudi 9 juin à 11h, Angela Wardell-Johnson (Curtin Institute for Biodiversity and Climate, Curtin University, Western Australia.) présentera à la Tour du Valat un séminaire intitulé ” Collaboration and Integration : Working across disciplines and boundaries”.

Global environmental problems are increasingly difficult to solve with simple disciplinary approaches. Solutions come from a range of disciplinary sources drawing on a philosophy stimulated by transformative integration of disciplines and methods. This presentation discusses the differences between approaches to collaboration and works through some guiding points for integrative research. The recommendations are to differentiate between the three values of sustainability – economic, ecolocial and social – in an effort to acknowledge and differentiate strengths from a range of disciplines. In this way, this presentation aims to contribute to solutions for biodiversity conservation at the landscape scale.