Monitoring, evaluation and wetlands policies

The central focus of the « Monitoring and Evaluation & Wetlands Policies » department is to implement a new dynamic initiated in 2006, but really only actively supported since 2009. It can be considered as the continuation of the inventories of Mediterranean wetlands with the same overall goal of informing policy makers on the status of and trends in Mediterranean wetlands.

The department is focussing particularly on the Mediterranean region, with the development of a Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (MWO), and the promotion of partnerships between the 27 countries involved in the MedWet initiative. The observatory is also present at the regional and national levels, in partnership with local observatories at different places in the Mediterranean region. The department will help set up national strategies/policies for wetlands so that the linkages between water management and wetlands conservation, as well as the institutional aspects of integrated management, are better taken into account.

Seeking to hasten changes in behaviour so as to better protect wetlands in the Mediterranean Basin, the department is targeting national and local policy makers, in particular, and the general public through the mass media. It is involved in political and scientific networks, particularly those working on international and regional conventions, protocols, and programmes that are directly or indirectly linked to wetlands, or have an impact on them. It relies, particularly at state and site scales, on site managers, and NGOs.