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Conservation of species and global changes

The objective of this department is to find solutions to conservation problems involving Mediterranean wetland species, including both threatened and problem species. Its conservation objectives are based first and foremost on scientific knowledge (“Science-based Conservation“), involving both the direct running of entire research projects and the transfer and application of information produced by the scientific world in general.
The mission and strategy of the Tour du Valat allow for a wide range of possible research subjects. The strategic choices of the programme have been made by bringing together the conservation issues affecting Mediterranean wetland species and our strengths and weaknesses in terms of abilities and resources.
We have decided to focus on four main major themes: 
  • the response of populations of Mediterranean wetland species to the pressure of human activities (Consult the section). 
  • the interaction between species conservation and problems of public and animal health (Consult the section). 
  • predicting the distribution of species and numbers of individuals in 5, 10, 25 years, in relation to alterations in landscape, climate and exploitation (Consult the section). 
  • the interaction between Mediterranean wetland species of unfavourable conservation status and alien introduced species (Consult the section)



Directors of research : Alain Crivelli
Research scientists : Arnaud Béchet, Jocelyn Champagnon, Alain Sandoz, Marion Vittecoq
Research assistants : Christophe Germain, Yves Kayser
Research technicians : Antoine Arnaud, Thomas Blanchon, Pascal Contournet, Anthony Olivier
PhD : Charlotte Perrot
Transfer : Coralie Hermeloup, Gwenael Wasse