Biology and ecology of vertebrates

Arnaud Béchet
Arnaud Bechet 
  • Bird population dynamics
  • Marked population monitoring and modelling
  • Birds metapopulation, dispersion and migration studies
Main projects:
  • Dispersion et conservation des flamants roses
  • Analysis of bird ringing capture and recapture data
  • Analysis of bird counting data
  • Reintroduction and reinforcement of bird populations
Alain Crivelli 
  • Functioning of Mediterranean coastal and continental wetland ecosystems and management of their resources
  • Biology and population dynamics of fish and fish-eating birds
  • Fisheries management of coastal and continental Mediterranean wetlands
  • Conservation and management of freshwater fishes endemic to the Mediterranean region.
Main projects:
  • Ecologie et conservation des pélicans
  • Modélisation d'une population lagunaire d'anguilles
  • Réhabilitation de la Truite marbrée de Slovénie
  • Suivis à long terme
Laura Dami 
  • Organization of a Mediterranean network for monitoring of waterbirds: capacity building, improving monitoring cover...
  • Data analysis of waterbird census
  • Inventory and conservation status of Mediterranean wetlands relevant for waterbirds
  • Technical documents on waterbird monitoring
  • Assistance to population dynamics modelling


Delphine NICOLAS 
  • Ecology, biology and dynamics of fish populations
  • Functioning of aquatic ecosystems
  • Macroecology
Brigitte Poulin 
  • Community ecology (trophic interactions)
  • Ecosystem assessment
  • Reedbeds
  • Ornithology
  • Antimicrobial resistances
  • Bird pathogens
  • Cancer in wildlife