All the documents below are available in English, and can be ordered from the Tour du Valat. (If you would like to order something, please print out the order form and send it along with your payment to: Tour du Valat, Le Sambuc,13200 Arles, FRANCE)

Brochures: “Conservation of the Mediterranean wetlands”

Since 1994, the Tour du Valat has produced a series of publications within the framework of the MedWet initiative “Conservation of Mediterranean wetlands”. The goal of this series is to help people better understand Mediterranean wetlands and make pertinent and up to date scientific and technical information available to their managers. This series includes 13 volumes:

  • 1. General characteristics of Mediterranean wetlands (out of print)
  • 2. Functions and values of Mediterranean wetlands (out of print)
  • 3. Aquaculture in coastal lagoon and marine habitats
  • 4. Management of the nesting sites of colonial waterfowl
  • 5. Water issues
  • 6. Emergent aquatic vegetation
  • 7. Conservation of freshwater fish
  • 8. Vegetation of temporary marshes - Ecology and management (out of print)
  • 9. The Mediterranean Salinas
  • 10. Wetlands and hydrology
  • 11. Amphibians and reptiles
  • 12. Mediterranean riparian woodlands
  • 13. Integrated wetland management

Modules for trainers

Training tools (training guides and modules for trainers) have been designed for direct use by individuals or organisations that would like to implement professional training without necessarily having had any prior experience.

Training guides available

  • Methodology for contributing to the management of wetlands through training
  • Defining a training strategy: Methods and tools
  • Designing and leading a training programme: A practical guide

Modules for trainers

  • Management plan for a Mediterranean wetland
  • Management and monitoring of vegetation (+ brochure no. 6)
  • Characteristics, values, and functions of Mediterranean wetlands
  • Information sheets for the manager of a Mediterranean wetland
  • Designing wetland monitoring programmes